Mintech is a company engaged in improving and assisting material acquisition processes in the area of construction, mining and industry. Focused mainly in providing global and high quality supply services, fast, personalized and competitive solutions.

The company was founded in 2011 and has expanded its sales presence in Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, Costa Rica, Colombia, Guatemala, among others and its chain of suppliers includes important providers in China, EEUU, Europe and Middle East. Experience in underground construction projects, mining, roadway projects, edification, energy generation and industry.


Custom and transversal solutions for the industry

Experience in the field

More than 7 years acting as a company and 14 years as professionals in construction projects, delivery of equipment to the local and international industry


Company in charge of Civil Engineers with a vast knowledge on different areas like construction, delivery, manufacturing plants and foreign commerce.


More than 7 years providing high quality products according to high standard demands of industry.

Mintech is focused in delivering tailor made solutions to its customers, forming part of a global supply chain, based on its experience in the sector and the demands to deliver high quality, guaranteed and competitive products.


Experience and support
  • Design of special mortar to fill prefabricated sections in the TBM tunnel
  • Manufacturing of more than 2500 tons in a period of time of 5 month
  • Continuous delivery contract of equipment and material 7 days a week
  • Delivery of TH steel frames
  • Tailor made manufacture of more than 300 tons of profile section frames TH29 assemblable segments to support of ground
  • Direct import and delivery on site
  • Design of special long [55mm] synthetic fiber according to MOP specification for project
  • Manufacture and delivery through distributor to project.
  • Design of thixotropic injection grout to avoid run-off in highly fragmented soils
  • Local manufacturing and delivery of material at site.
  • Delivery of accelerant additive for sprayed concrete at enlargement of excavations of hydro power plant in Costa Rica.
  • Delivery of tensioners and micro piles to connect sheet piling
  • Import of special bars with accessories for structural support of sheet piles to avoid collapse of drill shafts.
  • Delivery of micro piles to prepare foundations of buildings in Antioquia Colombia.
  • Self-drilling bars with perforation bits for quartz in 18 m layers
  • Delivery of micro piles to prepare foundations of high voltage towers
  • Self-drilling bars T40 with perforation bits for hard rock in 12 m layers
  • On-site supply of 180 tons of steel pipes for 12 ″ and 16 ″ piles in 12m length LSAW and ERW under ASTM A252 / ASTM A572 gr50 standards.

  • On-site supply of self-drilling anchors to support and reinforce the viaduct pillars of the El Salto / Vespucio Oriente Highway link