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Nowadays the use of plastic has been made extensible to significant areas and for multiple uses. This material has become essential in many industrial areas and its demand increases exponentially in the course of time.

As it is known, plastic is 100% manufactured from synthetic, petroleum-based materials, which are not biodegradable. Continuous rise in the value of crude oil and, most of all, the tremendous contamination problems that are affecting the planet, in conjunction with the climate change, has taken science to look for sustainable solutions and technologies to replace this material. Waste processing of plastic, long time of degradation and the problems this waste causes, for example in maritime environments, comes in addition to the future shortfall of crude oil as a non-renewable resource.

Issues raised

Plastic waste and mismanagement

Since 2010 from 4.8 to 12.7 million tons of plastic have been spilled in our oceans. 25 tons of plastic are dumped into the see in Chile. A Chilean citizen produces more than 1 kg waste per day, and from that an 11% is plastic, i.e. packaging, tetra packs, bags and others. Because of improper handling, this garbage has a big chance of ending up in the sea.

Limited availability of fertile land

28% of agricultural soil of the planet produces crops which are wasted. Wasting nearly one third of the food produced on the planet means that our natural resources – including soils – are unnecessarily used in the wrong way. The declining health of soil leads into an increased use of synthetic inputs and, in the end, to a loss of biodiversity and of agricultural land.

High CO2 emissions

Carbon dioxide emissions and global warming are nowadays a serious concern to the planet. Whereas common plastic production requires a net introduction of carbon to the ecosphere, the CO2 released by bioplastics initially comes from the Biomass. So these are potentially of carbon neutral in its life cycle.

Solution and innovation

100% Biodegradable and compostable products

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